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The camp was well organized from 5th – 9th October at Hirgan Parish and well appreciated by all. Five sisters did help to animate the groups, Total number of students was 118. Morning meditation was conducted in groups.  Mass was held in the church, Different priests celebrated the mass with different themes for preaching.  Group activities, competitions, sing- song, parables, family values- skits, competitions organized for the children. The Vicar Vara supported and was present at the inauguration. Br. Royan & Br. Steevan ( Regents) were actively involved for the success of the  camp.

Topics : 

  1. Who am I? – Fr. Roshan D’Souza
  2. I and My Society - Mr. George Castelinho
  3. Sacraments – Fr. Vincent Crasta
  4. Prayer & Word of God – Fr. Vijay Machado
  5. Career Guidance – Fr. Reginald Pinto
  6. Catholic Church and Different Denominations – Fr. Alex Lewis
  7. Good Manners - Fr. George D’Souza
  8. 10 Commandments – Fr. Harry Pereira
  9. Family and Values – Mr. Leslie Aroza
  10. Love and Friendship – Fr. Vincent Lobo
  11. Human Sexuality – Mr. Leslie Aroza
















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