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Most Rev. Dr. Geral Isaac Lobo   : Precedent
Mr Alphonse D’Costa : Secretary
Msgr. Baptist Menezes : Vicar General 
Rev. Fr Roshan Menezes OFMCap : Episcopal Vicar for Religious
Rev. Fr Walter D'Mello : Judicial Vicar
Rev. Fr Stany B. Lobo : Chancellor
Rev. Fr Valerian Mendonca : Dean of Udupi Deanery
Rev. Fr Lawrence C. D'Souza : Dean of Kallianpur Deanery, Director of Pastoral Center and Secretary, CESU
Rev. Fr Denis D'Sa : Dean of Shirva Deanery
Rev. Fr Joswy Fernandes : Dean of Karkal Deanery
Rev. Fr Stany Tauro : Dean of Kundapur Deanery
Mr. Marshal D'Souza : Finance Officer
Rev. Fr Harold Pereira : Director of SCC, Ecumenism Commission and diocesan 18 Com. Co-ordinator 
Rev. Fr Anil Cornelio : Director of Seminary and Religious Formation
Rev. Fr Stephen D'Souza : Director of Bible,Catechetics and Liturgy
Mr. Leslie Arouza : Director of Family Commission
Rev. Fr Edwin D'Souza : Director of Youth Commission
Rev. Fr Ferdinand Gonsalves : Director of Laity Commission
Rev. Fr Vincent Crasta : Director of Proclamation and Evangelization Commission
Dr. Edward Lobo : Director of Health Commission
Rev. Fr Reginald Pinto : Director of Social Devalopment Commission
Sr. Janet Fernandes : Director of Women Commission
Mr. Elroy Kiran Crasto : Director of Labour Commission
Rev. Fr Louis D'Sa : Director of Inter-Religious Dialogue Commission
Mrs. Sharlet Furtado : Director of Justice and Peace Commission
Rev. Fr Chetan Lobo OFMCap : Editor, ‘Uzvaad’
Rev. Fr Mark D'Souza : Precedent of Catholic Religious of India
Mr. Gracian Botelho : Precedent, Society of St. Vincent De Paul
Mrs. Annie Corea : Precedent, Legion of Mary
Mrs. Quirin Elizabeth D'Souza : Precedent, Secular Farnciscan Order
Mrs. Janet Barboza : Precedent, Catholic Sthree Sangahatan
Mr. Alwyn Quadros : Precedent, Catholic Sabha
Mr. Dion D'Souza : Precedent, ICYM
Rev. Fr Francis Cornelio : Spiritual Director, Catholic Carismatic Movement
Mr. Walter Martis : Co-ordinator, Prison Ministry of India
Rev. Fr Walter John Mendonca : Kallianpur Deanery Representative
Rev. Fr Anil Cornelio : Karkal Deanery Representative
Rev. Fr John Mendonca : Kundapur Deanery Representative
Rev. Fr Louis D'Sa : Shirva Deanery Representative
Rev. Fr Clement Mascarenhas : Udupi Deanery Representative
Mr. Xavier Fernandes : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Milagres-Kallianpur
Mr. Prakash D'Souza : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Ajekar
Mr. Dolphy D'Souza : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Barkur
Mrs. Sylvia D'Costa : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Basrur
Mr. Dominic Andrade : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Belman
Mr. Alphonsus D'Souza : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Brahmavar
Mrs. Cecilia Rebello : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Byndoor
Mrs. Preethi Fernandes : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Gangolli
Mrs. Mary Saldanha : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Hirgan
Mrs. Theresa Mendonca : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Kalathur
Mr. Santhosh Cornelio : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Mount Rosary- Kallianpur
Mr. Francis Fernandes : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Kalmady
Mrs. Janet Menezes : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Kanajar
Mr. George D'Souza : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Kandlur
Mr. Richard Pinto : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Attur
Mr. Soloman Alvares : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Karkal
Mr. Wilfred Lewis : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Katapadi
Mrs. Clara D'Souza : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Kelmbet
Mr. Ronald Menezes  : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Kemman
Mr. Sunil Pinto : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Kera
Mrs. Queeni Mari D'Souza : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Kolalgiri
Mr. Valerian Menezes : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Kota
Mrs. Ancilla Carvalho : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Koteshwar
Mrs. Prema D'Cunha : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Kundapur
Mrs. Shanthi G. Mendonca : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Kuntalnagar
Mr. James Gonsalves : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Manipal
Mrs. George Leo Renjar : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Miyar
Mr. Monica D'Souza : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Moodubelle
Mr. Sydney Mendonca : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Mudarangadi
Mr. Marcel Peter Mathias : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Mukamar
Mr. Veena D'Souza : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Mundkur
Mr. George D'Souza : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Nakre
Mr. Alex Antony D'Souza : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Padukone
Mr. Salvadore D'Souza : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Palimar
Mrs. Jacintha D'Souza : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Pamboor
Mrs. Margaret Seema D'Souza : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Pangla
Mrs. Jacintha D'Sa  : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Parapady
Mr. Jossy Pinto  : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Perampally
Mrs. Vailet Lobo : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Pernal
Mr. Edward Larson D'Souza : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Pethri
Mrs. Leena Tauro : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Piusnagar
Mrs. Janet Banz : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Sastan
Mr. Melwyn Aranha : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Shirva
Mrs. Vailet Botelho : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Tallur
Mrs. Cymprian Rodrigues : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Thottam
Mr. Felix Crasta : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Trasi
Mr. Alphonse D'Costa : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Udupi
Mr. Godfrey D'Souza : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Udyavar
Mrs. Veronica Barboza : 18 Commissions Coordinator, Yermal
Mr. Wilson Rodrigues : Member of Jilla Panchayat



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