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A happy Society of people with good health

•    Provision of holistic health care services to all.
•    Establishment of state-of-the-art Healthcare Facilities.
•    Promotion and propagation of Respect for life.

Goal 1: The Policy on Health by the CBCI is known by all Catholics in the Diocese.

Objective 1: By 2014 a team of health care personnel is available in the diocese.

Objective 2: 90% of the healthcare personnel are aware of the content of the health Policy of CBCI by 2014.

Goal 2: All in the Diocese give importance to health and hygiene by 2015.

Objective 1: At least 50% of the people know the importance of health and hygiene and have resolved to keep the surrounding clean and green by December 2014.

Objective 2: Children within the age of 16 are aware of the need for personal hygiene by 2014.

Objective 3: All the Church personnel have understood the importance of maintaining good health.

Objective 4: By December 2014, 50% of the parishioners are aware of the hazards of various communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Objective 5: By December 2014, at least 90% of the parishioners know the different health care benefits and avail them.

Goal  3: By 2020 the Diocese is involved in providing adequate health care facilities.

Objective 1: By December 2016, every Deanery has at least one primary Health care centre.

Objective 2: By December 2015, the retired priests of the Diocese enjoy suitable health care facilities.

Objective 3: By December 2016, the diocese has established one home for the aged and the destitute.

Report of 2016

Report of 2017

Report of 2018


Director  : Dr Edward Lobo
Address : Nirmala Clinic,Shankerapura Post,
  Udupi – 574 115.
Cell : 9845250536


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Bishop’s House, Udupi - 576 101, KARNATAKA, INDIA
Cell: 9141031600(O)
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