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The year 2019 is already a part of history. Let us all thank God for the year that has just passed by whether peacefully for all of us or a bit turbulent and troublesome as it has happened in our own country due to protests, unrest and violence in recent times. At the world scenario as well the acts of terrorism still take place unabated, hatred among religious and ethnic groups continue, violence against children and women and their trafficking goes on and migrants hoping for a secure place to make a living in peace and serenity too are denied of their future because of the dictatorial attitude of those ‘in power’ and others with vested interests. Holy Mother the Church has always stood for the rights of the weaker sections of our society and has promoted human life and dignity and continues to do so calling men and women of good will to join hands with her to be heralds of peace, harmony and brotherhood also in the year 2020.

We inaugurate the New Year 2020 by celebrating the solemnity of Mary the Mother of God. When a child is in the arms / embrace of a Mother, she is safe and secure, happy and comfortable. The Church places the humanity in the arms of our heavenly Mother and to her protection knowing well that we all will be safe and secure provided we will be able to go about carrying out Her directive: “Do whatever He tells you” (Jn 2:5). Hence, let us submit ourselves to our Heavenly Mother with filial devotion and veneration so that we are able to live up to the Gospel values and be worthy messengers of Christ’s ministry of proclamation and mission of evangelization.

The world of today we are privileged to live needs peace, harmony, religious tolerance, sharing of resources whether economic or technological making it safe for all of us to breathe an air of safety, security and integrity. The world and its resources are meant for all without any discrimination because we are all God’s children. The walls and boundaries that have been built by us and around us need to collapse so that the world and its People can become one big God’s family. Sounds utopian but let us all trust in Divine Providence and as we step into another year, this New year 2020, let us storm heaven right from the beginning praying for peace, a peace not like the world can give but the one which alone can come from the heart of Jesus.


 XGerald Isaac Lobo

Bishop of Udupi 

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