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The New Year which we all inaugurated with such expectation, joy and happiness is already over having spent a full month of January of 31 days. Days fly so fast like the twinkling of an eye whether we are aware or not and the month of February has already dawned on us. While the nation Just celebrated its 70 Republic Day on 26 January, we will have an interim budget, an exercise which the Government undertakes as a part of its yearly administration, what the people of the Nation look forward to is economic development, eradication of poverty, bridging the gap between the rich and the poor which keeps on widening year after year that while the rich become richer, the poor become the victims of marginalization and discrimination all the while hoping for a better tomorrow. Let therefore, this month of February bring some good news for our poor farmers who will be able to do and give the best to our country from their produce of hard work; the jobless youth though educated and qualified will find their future secured thereby bringing a smile on their faces and on the members of their families and all of us genuinely and truly play the worthy role of a noble and patriotic citizen of this great country  India we love, in which we live and hope for a bright future for ourselves and for all Indians. Let this month of February therefore be a month filled with not just false hope and promises but one that will lead us to General Elections which are round the corner so that God will bless us with Leaders to lead this Great nation India with selfless dedication, wholehearted commitment keeping before them only the good of all the citizens irrespective of religious, cultural, linguistic and ethnic  background so that we as a nation are one and remain so making everyone proud of our country firmly  united and marching forward with development in every sphere of life and activity to be envied by many and emulated by all. 


XGerald Isaac Lobo

Bishop of Udupi 

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