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Bishop Dr. Gerald Isaac Lobo in his message at the Silver Jubilee Celebration of Ganesh Festival, Ambagilu said that festivals build the society, as people irrespective of caste gather to celebrate and spread love. Ganeshothsava helps the people to build communicative approaches to share each other’s view and opinions. While we come together we build a strong nation and secure the future. Celebrations should not be limited to cultural programmes but there should be a flow of divine values as to know the actual cause of the religion. Every religion expects peace and these celebrations help us to maintain peace and to attain love. Communal violence grows when we fail to respect and learn about one's religion, he added. Ganesha is revered as remover of Obstacles and he is lovable to Hindus as he kills evil to attain peace to his devotees, let us build peace and build a peaceful nation.

Rajashree Dr. D Veerendra Hegde and Bishop Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo were felicitated by the Samithi on the occasion.





























































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