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Udupi, 20 Oct 2015: Three days Karnataka Regional YCS/YSM Convention inaugurated at St. Mary’s English Medium School, Kannarpady, Udupi with the theme of Students’ Educational in Modern Era on Sunday, 18th October 2015 which organized by KRCBC – Youth Commission and hosted by Diocese of Udupi. Prior to the inauguration, Most Rev Dr. Aloysius Paul D’Souza Bishop of Mangalore Diocese was warmly accorded welcome at the entrance of the gate and proceeded towards the convention site with melodious brass band of YCS/YSM Shankerpura unit. The Eucharistic mass concelebrated by Bishop Dr. Aloysius Paul D’Souza with 17 priests including Msgr. Baptist Menezes Vicar General of Udupi Diocese, Rev Fr. Charles Menezes Director International YCS, France, Rev Fr. Deepak Thomas National Youth Director New Delhi, Very Rev Fr. Fredrick Mascarenhas Dean of Udupi Deanery, Rev Fr. Mari Joseph, YCS/YSM Regional Director, Bangalore,Rev Fr. Edwin D’Souza Director of Youths, Udupi Diocese, Rev Fr. Denis D’Sa PRO of Udupi Diocese and others.

During in his homily Msgr. Baptist Menezes thanked God that now the modern era we have plenty of opportunities. Youths should make use of the opportunities and Youths should discover the light in life.

After the mass, Bishop Dr. Aloysius Paul D’Souza felicitated by Msgr. Baptist Menezes. Bishop said that students should concentrate education in developmental sense in modern era. Education should not be selfishness. We should be useful for others with the help of modern education. Students should form themselves and transform the better leader in the society. He called students to spend educational usefully as well.

After Eucharistic celebrations, the YCS/YSM flag was hoisted by Very Rev. Fr. Fredrick Mascarenhas, Dean of Udupi Deanery and Correspondent of host St. Mary’s English Schools.

Inter religious prayer service held after the flag hoisting ceremony followed by stage programme. His Lordshop Most Rev Dr. Gerald Isaac Lobo Bishop of Udupi Diocese presided.

Msgr. Dr. Baptist Menezes, Rev Fr. Charles Menezes, Rev Fr. Deepak Thomas, Rev Fr. Edwon D’Souza, Rev Fr. Mari Joseph, Mrs. Veronica Cornelio President of KSDL, Government of Karnataka, Rev Sr. Trasilda AC, President of CRI, Udupi Diocese, Very Rev Fr. Fredrick Mascarenhas, Rev Fr. Edwin D’Souza, Rev Fr. Denis D’Sa, Miss. Hazel Martis President of YCS/YSM Karnataka Region, Ms. Priyanka Noronha President of YCS Udupi Diocese, Sudharshana Nayak President of YSM, Udupi Diocese, animators and other were present on the dais.

The inaugural program started with invocation with welcome dance. Ms. Hazel Martis welcomed the gatherings. Bishop Gerald Isaac Lobo inaugurated the convention with unique way by switching lights on the tree.

During the occasion 48th birthday of Rev Fr. Charles Menezes celebrated with cutting birthday cake along with his mother. Later Fr. Charles Menezes spoke during the occasion and said India is the largest members in YCS/YSM after Nizeria of Africa. He clarified the theme of the convention, Students’ Education in Modern Era.

Rev Fr. Deepak and Mrs. Veronica Cornelio spoke during the occasion and wished the convention to be success.

Ms. Pearl Lopes of Shivmoga Secretary proposed vote of thanks. Around 600 YCS/YSM members were participated during the inaugural programmes.

There will be documentations, group discussions and various sessions to be held during three days of convention. On 20th October, brahat rally for students’ Rights will be held at 9.30am which will be inaugurated by K. Annamalai SP of Udupi district. During the concluding session Most Rev Dr. Bernard Moras Achbishop of Bangaluru, Vinaya Kumar Sorake, Pramod Madwaraj, Most Rev Dr. Henry D’Souza Bishop and Chairman KRCBC-Youth Commission and others will participate.



The second day of the YCS/YSM Convention started with the Holy Mass which was celebrated by Fr. Deepak KJ Thomas the NYD. Fr Mari Joseph gave the Homily. He said that we need to be ever-ready to help. The mass ended at 7:45am. The inter-religious prayer was conducted by Fr.Victor DYD Gulburga. It started with a verse being read out from the Bhagavad-Gita. It was  followed by verses from holy bible and the Quran along with hymns. The inter religious prayer ended at 8:00 am and students were sent to have their breakfast .At 8:50 am the student involved themselves in action song conducted by Roshan NEXCO.Fr Mari Joseph introduced sister Margarette . Roshan Lobo  NEXCO from Mangalore presented the documentation of YCS/YSM history in the form of a vedio. The documentation showed the activities conducted by the Dioceses of Belgaum , Chikmagaluru , Gulbarga , Shimoga , Mangaluru and Udupi. It even highlighted the present  scenario in the present  Regional and National Executive committees. Fr Mari Joseph the RYD introduced Mr Francis D’Cunha the headmaster of Padua High School , Mangaluru. Mr Francis D’Cunha conducted the group discussion among the delegates  on the theme topic ‘Education in Modern Era

After a short tea break REXCOs and the Volunteers delighted everyone with action songs. Fr Mari introduced Mr Roy Castelino,  the president of Konkani Sahithya Acadamy. Mr Roy Castelino spoke to the audience about being leaders in the society. He added quoting ‘We want our children to be on top in every profession’. He also gave information CAP (Career Advancement Program) which was introduced by the Bishop of Bellary  Most Rev Dr Henry D souza. He concluded saying that as YCS/YSMers we need to form the society and be the  proud youth of Karnataka. Mr Richard Lewis, a renowned comedian and famously known as ‘Recharge Richie’  entertained the crowd and increased their enthusiasm. In a very humorous way he conveyed  a very strong message about  being equal  and keeping aside our religion and caste he said that if a person respects and  follows all religions then he said nto be a true human. He added that we need to  denelop communication skills. With the guidance of Fr. Charles students from Belguam, Chikmagalure, Udupi, Mangaluru, Shimoga expressed their views in YCS. Mr Leo from Tamil Nadu and Sr Margerett from Bangalore also shared their experience in YCS from the past many years. They told about the inspiration gained from YCS, their capability of facing the audience. They all were gretful towards this life giving movement. fr Franklin  honoured Mr Leo and Sr Margeret. This was followed by inter religious prayer and supper. A cultural program was presented by all the dioceses. The day ended with a short prayer lead by Fr Mari Joseph.


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