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Palm Sunday to commemorate Christ’s entry in to Jerusalem for the completion of Paschal Mystery observed at Milagres Cathedral of Udupi Diocese here on Sunday, April 13, 2014 with utmost devotion.

Palm Sunday ceremony started at 8am near the entrance of the Cathedral led by the Rector of the Cathedral instead in the absence of Bishop this year. Palm Sunday which beginning of the Holy Week.








The prayers led by Rector of the Cathedral Very Rev Fr. Stany B. Lobo held and larger number of devotees seen with palm leaves to mark the occasion. Rev Fr. Ferdinand Gonsalves blessed the Palm leaves and later gave brief homily after the readings of the Gospel. He said we carry palm leaves as a tribute of weaving joy, before Christ, victorious over death and also as a symbol of our wavering fickleness, betraying Christ Unto his death.

The Palm Sunday, huge well disciplined procession started from the entrance of the Cathedral proceeded towards the alter of Cathedral was the beauty of the occasion. The Palm Sunday procession is formed of Christians  who in the fullness of faith make their own gesture of the Jews and endow with its full significance. Following the Jews’ example we proclaim Christ as a Victor. Hosanna to the Son of David. Blessed is He who Comes in the name of Lord.











Solemn high mass later celebrated with the main celebrant very Rev Fr. Stany B. Lobo along with Rev Fr. Ferdinand Gonsalves, Rev Fr. Dennis Lobo and Rev Fr. Nelson Furtado of Pilar Fathers. The long Gospel read by the Fr. Stany Lobo when devotees heard tirelessly enables devotees as it were to be eye witnesses of Christ’s Passion and Death, revealing his love “Unto the end”.

The devotees were jampacked in the Cathedral during  the observation of the Palm Sunday and it shows the utmost devotion of parishioners. The huge choir group led by Fr. Mahesh D’Souza fuelled grand observation during the mass and organized beautiful liturgy services as well.



































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