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‘Agriculture is the foundation of life and livelihood’, said Bishop Gerald Lobo while speaking at the program of converting barren land into agriculture land organized by Kedarotthana Trust under which around 50 acres of barren land within the jurisdiction of Kallianpur Gram Panchayat would be brought under organic farming.

Bishop Gerald Lobo who inaugurated the transplantation of paddy saplings in 20 acres of paddy fields near the house of Kaverijidda Sadhu Poojary on 18 June 2021, further said that India being predominantly covered by villages, agriculture is the chief occupation. As such the task of converting fallow land into an agricultural hub through the trust of Raghupati Bhat, MLA from Udupi can be considered as holy work. He further said that agriculture and the people of Udupi have a close relation. If Shivamogga district has been considered as the ‘Rice Granary of Karnataka’, the undivided districts of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi occupy second place.

Speaking further, he said that preparing the fallow land fit for paddy agriculture is a commendable job. Through this, Raghupati Bhat has ventured into bringing about a great revolution in the field of agriculture. During the hard times due to the lockdown, this attempt would provide a livelihood to those who have been unemployed. As the paddy would be grown through organic farming, the rice produced out of it would be good for health. Around 1500 acres of barren land would be converted into paddy fields due to which for the next four months water would be stagnating in these fields which in turn would raise the water level in nearby ponds and wells. The Bishop appreciated the good work undertaken by Raghupati Bhat. He also said that the Udupi Diocese has been encouraging the youth from different parishes to undertake agricultural activities with some positive results.

Padmanabha Kini, Administrative Trustee of Kallianpur Venkatramana Temple, Fr Leslie D’Souza-Parish Priest of Mount Rosary Church, Santhekatte, Fr Valerian Mendonca-Parish Priest of Milagres Cathedral, Kallianpur, Fr Romeo Lewis, Jerry Vincent Dias-President of Udupi Builders Association, K. Raghupati Bhat-MLA of Udupi, Krishna Devadiga-President of Kallianpur Gram Panchayat, Uday Poojary-Vice President, Murali Kadekar-Chief Secretary of Kedarotthan Trust, Raghavendra Kini-Treasurer, Dinakar Babu-member, Sadhu Poojary-local farmer, present and former members of Kallianpur Panchayat Shankar-representative of Agricultural and Horticultural University of Shivamogga and Zonal Agricultural and Horticultural Research Centre, Brahmavar, Yogitha-Panchayat Development Officer as well as members of local associations and farmers were present on this occasion.

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