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The month of July is quite significant for the Diocese of Udupi for reasons more than one. First and foremost, it’s because on 16th, eleven years’ back, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI created the Diocese of Udupi,  and, it happened to be the feast of Mount Carmel whom people in and around Kallianpur have been venerating as Our Lady of Milagres and Mount Rosary. Accordingly, the Church of Milagres, one of the oldest in the District of Udupi was declared as the Cathedral Church of the new Diocese of Udupi. This month therefore, our Diocese completes eleven years of its successful and fruitful mission of proclamation and evangelization entrusted to the clergy, religious and lay faithful of the District of Udupi interpreting the plan of God for them by Pope Benedict XVI.

We have every reason to rejoice today because the Plan of God for this Diocese has been effectively interpreted by launching and promoting the Pastoral Plan – Mission 2025 in all parishes of the Diocese through well-defined Commissions at the level of the parish, deanery and diocese. It was providential that I was appointed as the first Bishop of this newly established Diocese in order to translate the Plan of God in action, I have been able to feel the Divine Providence all through these eleven years and the protection of Our Lady of Milagres our Mother And Patron. Let us continue to pray and thank God for His abundant blessings, graces and mercies showered on all of us with a special request to pray for me for good health and strength to be an effective instrument of His love, goodness and benevolence.

On 3rd, the holy Mother the Church celebrates the Feast of St Thomas one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ who proclaimed His Master’s Word in our country and is revered as the Apostle of India. Let us rejoice celebrating this solemnity with befitting honour, devotion and happiness because our country was chosen to be one of the first to hear the Word of God from the mouth of the Apostle of Christ, i.e. St Thomas.

Let us continue to promote the Plan of God for the Diocese of Udupi, i.e. its ministry of proclamation and mission of evangelization through the Pastoral Plan, thank God for these precious eleven years of ministry and pray to Him for His further blessings through Our Lady of Milagres our beloved Mother and Patron. May God’s blessings be upon you all and may He protect you.

X Gerald Isaac Lobo

Bishop of Udupi 

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