The third annual celebration of the proclamation and dedication of St Lawrence Minor Basilica and nine days novena, prior to the titular feast was inaugurated at Attur on 1st August, 2019.

The holy Eucharist was celebrated by Most Rev. Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo, Bishop of Udupi Diocese along with Rev. Fr Chetan Lobo, PRO of Udupi Diocese; Rev. Fr George D’Souza, Rector of St Lawrence Basilica; Rev. Fr Roy Lobo, Asst. Parish Priest of St Lawrence Church, Atturand other priests from the diocese were the co-celebrated. 

In his homily, Fr Chetan said, “One has to make various choices in life. When God created humans, he gave them the ability to choose things wisely. Now it all depends on humans, on what they choose. They can choose good as well as bad. God has not restricted his creation from making choices.” 

“Church chooses to serve the poor, needy and the disabled. Everyone in the church has to make this choice. Our Pope Francis is the best example for this. St Lawrence also made a choice. Instead of giving the property of the Chruch to the king, he gave it to the poor people. With this act, he became a saint. In our day to day life, we face many situations where we have to make choices. If we choose to do good, we will be creating a space for ourselves in heaven,” he added. 
“To make choices the person should be courageous. He has to take right decisions. St Lawrence had the courage to make decisions. Due to his decisions, he was executed and he became a martyr and then was declared a saint. Before making choices, we have to be cautious. Many a times we have to choose between serving the rich & strong or poor, disabled and the weak,” he said.     

After the mass, special prayers invoking the help of St Lawrence were offered for the sick. Rev. Fr George Thomas D’Souzathanked all the devotees present on the occasion.