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Health Commission, belonging to various parishes and deaneries came together for a brainstorming session here in the Bishops’ house today. There were members from as many as 20 parishes.

Fr Denis D’sa conducted a warm up session on the Pastoral plan 2025, the 18 Commissions of the diocese and the health commission in particular. The members were asked to introduce themselves.

After invoking the presence of Holy Spirit through an audio visual prayer song, Fr Denis welcomed the Bishop and the gathering. He then introduced them to the Diocesan Video Documentary which brought out the vision and the mission of the diocese in an emphatic manner.

After the 11 minutes documentary, through a a PPT presentation explained to the members the Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives, staretgies and Indicators of the Health Commission. He clearly placed before them the Challenges as well as the opportunities before this commission and how a small step can lead them towards the realization of a big dream of this commission.

Each one of the members was asked to organize small programs like health camp, blood grouping camps, blood donation camps, health hygiene talks for school children, on environment etc

Bishop Gerlad who was present throughout the meeting told the members not to get disturbed with the big dreams of the Health commission. He invited them to organize small programs as mentioned before and take one day at a time, one step at a time. Such small programs do not involve big funds. They are achievable. He also urged the members to conscientize people about the health cards, government health schemes, insurance benefits etc along with Catholic Sabha and other commissions. He said, if we work as a team in coordination with other commissions, we can surely realize the Pastoral Plan 2025.

With the concluding prayer, the meeting ended at 4 pm.




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